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We help Professionals and Business Owners keep more of their earned income.   With proper financial management you could be saving 50-90% on your Tax Bill.  If you’re paying high taxes you can’t afford to not call us!

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If you're paying high taxes it's 99% because of your business structure. Let us help.

Partner Resources

We have more than 40 Partner Companies to connect your business with, depending on your needs.

Advanced Tax

We offer Advanced Tax and Trust Planning Options. If you have a complex situation let us show you how to keep more of what you make by doing proper business and tax planning.

Tax And Income

Your CPA may not be helping you. Most CPAs do not do financial or business planning, and without this, your tax bill might be out of this world (high). You would be amazed to see what a true financial strategy does to change your tax and income picture.

Financial Planning

Don't use a Planner that pitches products at you... First start with a plan, and let the planning process drive the solutions.


Our vision for our clients is to help them from the ground up, plan, build and grow their Company. We begin with the proper company structure, beginning with the end in mind. We don’t just think strategy, but we think details. Choosing a company structure is likely the most important decision you can make. As financial planners we don’t tell you how to run your business, but we do show you how to make the most of what you have, as if your business was our business.

​ When Companies begin they will need financial solutions to help grow, protect and preserve the wealth that they create. We aim to help new and growing companies get connected to the right people and products. With all business, time is of the essence. The economy doesn’t wait for slow business. It hires only those with the answers, knowledge and expertise. Our company can get you connected and make sure you’re not missing out on opportunities along the way.

​ ​ Call us today and let’s get your company going and growing. (800-248-2036)


Advanced Tax Strategies

Premium Financed Life Insurance

Corporate-Sponsored Group Life

831-B Re-Insurance Companies

Trust and Estate Planning

Group Health and Life

Defined-Benefit Retirement Plans -Pensions

Defined-Contribution Retirement Plans

Strategic Tax-Removal Strategies

Strategic Debt-Payoff Strategies

AI-Forex Trading Software (AUTOMATED)


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